Thursday, October 22, 2009

World Series Bound

Due to a weekend road trip with Mamadukes, causing the TBB to be temporarily separated, we are posting a bit earlier than usual this week. For those of you who are last minute poll voters, you’ve lost out and your vote doesn’t count this week. Next time, don’t be such a procrastinator! We had asked you what World Series matchup you’d be most excited to see and 5 of you wanted to see the Yankees take on the Dodgers. Torre and Mattingly back in New York again? Don’t mind if we do! 2 of you wanted the Phillies to play just about anyone because the thought of Alyssa Milano doing the pre-game show made you want to puke. We couldn’t agree more. Tech Support Sean and Steve voted for Alien vs. Predator. You guys must think that you’re really funny, don’t you? Last but not least, no one voted for a Freeway Series (Angels/Dodgers). What? You don’t wish they could all be California girls? But the west coast has the sunshine and the girls all get so tan!

Obviously, the big news this week is the World Series. Last night, as many of you probably already know, the Phillies beat the Dodgers in game 5 of the NLCS 10-4 to advance to the World Series. Ryan Howard earned NLCS MVP honors. This proved to be bittersweet for the TBB. Pros? We don’t have to look at Manny’s crusty helmet for another week, we won’t have to deal with the potential of Alyssa Milano conducting on field interviews before and after the games, and more importantly, we’re satisfied with the idea that the Dodgers’ loss has probably caused Milano some degree of displeasure. Cons? There’s only one con that we can think of and that’s the fact that the Dodgers’ opponent was the Phillies. Besides Lisa’s animosity toward the Phillies stemming from their rivalry with the Mets, the TBB dislike the Phillies for more personal reasons that have nothing to do with the team itself. If your memory needs to be jogged to understand why, please refer to our post regarding our trip to Citizen’s Bank Park. Needless to say, the Phillies fans taught us a very valuable lesson that day: never follow your team on the road, especially when they’re playing their rival.

On a brighter note, the good news about the Phillies advancing to the World Series is that the Yankees are going to take their ice cube throwing fans and shove them down their NL East trash-talking throats (that is once the Yankees actually get their acts together and bump off the Angels. What are they waiting for???). : )

In a disturbing turn of events, one of our regular readers (who we think actually likes us as human beings) gave us a present. You may ask yourself, what is so disturbing about a present? Who doesn’t love receiving presents? Presents are great! Well, TBB fans, we hate to break this to you, but not all presents are great. In fact, some of them like moldy hot dogs or a framed autographed picture of Alyssa Milano from her Who’s the Boss era, are disturbing. That’s right, folks. We now have in our possession, a framed black and white photograph of our arch nemesis, Alyssa Milano. In case you didn’t believe us, we’ve attached a photo of the offensive material below:

If interested, please email us for details regarding a potential business transaction. Feel secure in the knowledge that your “donation” will go toward a worthy cause: our 2010 Los Angeles/San Diego stadium tour.

A brief shout out to the mother of all jinxes, Laurie. You know her as the reason for all of the Mets’ troubles (contrary to what the media has told you…injuries? Bah!), but we know her simply as the birthday girl. Happy Birthday, Laurie!

One final birthday wish goes to Jake, nephew of Lisa and son of #1 fan, Steph. Enjoy your 8th birthday and football cupcakes! Oh, and never leave school. Stay there forever. It’s way safer than Corporate America.
On to this week’s baseball notes: On Monday night, Ryan Howard tied Lou Gehrig’s record of eight consecutive post season games with at least one RBI. But wait just a minute, sports fans! Alex Rodriguez would go on to tie the record as well the following night. Rodriguez also tied Reggie Jackson for most home runs in a single post season in Yankees History with five. Who, you may ask, currently holds this record? None other than Serena’s one and only, Bernie Williams with six, which came during the 1996 post season. Bern Baby Bern! In unrelated post season news, on Wednesday, Albert Pujols underwent arthroscopic surgery to remove bone spurs from his right elbow.

We close this week’s blog with the inspiring lyrics from the opening of Who’s the Boss, “there’s a time for winning and a time for losing. The Dodgers took a chance and faced the wind. An open road to the World Series and a road that’s hidden and leads to Loserville. A brand new life around the bend, but the Phillies beat their butts.”

LET’S GO YANKEES! Andy Pettitte, please don't fail us on Saturday!

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  1. The ALCS has been freaking AWESOME! You girls must be tearing your hair out from the anxiety. I'm glad I don't have a vested interest in either team, and can just enjoy...

  2. I think this is going to be a great World Series if its Yanks vs Phillies. Ryan Howard and Alex Rodgriguez have both been dominant and it should be a great matchup.