Friday, January 21, 2011

The TBB get rained out and put on the DL

Well, the Yankees are starting to become less confident in Andy Pettitte’s return and can we really blame them? A “source” said that last week, they felt that the chances of his return were about 60-40 whereas now it’s about 50-50. According to Brian Cashman, “Andy has told me he’s not in play and that’s what I’m assuming. Until he tells me otherwise, I’m assuming he’s not going to be here.” Oh, sadness. The Yankees did make a few decisions on the pitching front though this week. After he passed his physical on Tuesday, relief pitcher Rafael Soriano was officially signed to a 3-year deal worth $35 million. He led the AL last season with 45 saves for the Rays, but the Yankees plan on utilizing him as a set up man to Mariano Rivera. The Yankees avoided arbitration by signing Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, and Boone Logan all to 1-year deals. Honestly, of the three pitchers, we think that Hughes is probably the more important investment. A longer deal would have been more logical here. In less logical news, the Yankees have apparently signed a waste of sperm with a terrible personality to play outfield. Oh, you don’t know to whom we’re referring? Andruw Jones. This means that this fool will be paid $2 million this season to be the Yankees’ version of Carlos Beltran. Wow. That’s really sexy, guys. We could’ve thought of a few better things to blow $2 million on…like millions of churros and grilled hot dogs. Or a ton of 5 for $25 panties at Victoria’s Secret. GOD! The Yankees are TERRIBLE at managing their finances.

Across the bridge in Flushing, RHP Mike Pelfrey also avoided arbitration by signing a deal with the Mets that will give him $3.925 million for this upcoming season. He can earn another $50,000 in performance bonuses. It was also announced that Pelfrey would be the Mets’ Opening Day starter. RHP Chris Young passed his physical yesterday, officially inking his 1-year deal worth $4.5 million. Young only made 3 starts in the month of September for the Padres after being out for most of last season with a strained right shoulder. Hopefully, he remains healthy so that he can be an asset to the Mets as opposed to additional dead weight. With the addition of Young, the starting rotation appears to be set with Pelfrey, R.A. Dickey, Jonathan Niese, Chris Capuano, and Young. You might recall that Johan Santana underwent surgery on his left shoulder in September. He’s finally received the go-ahead to begin tossing the baseball, but there are no plans for his return until June or July.

We have to apologize for today's blog . Serena and I were really excited to blog about this weeks topic which was The Wright Stache . All week long we collected data and came up with some fascinating findings but due to the Snow Storm and Serena coming down with a nasty cold we will have to blog about that next week. We can't do anything about mother nature but god help the one who gave Serena this cold . See even your fellow TBB get "Rained Out " in this case snowed in and our poor Serena is on the DL this week. Feel Better Serena :)

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