Saturday, June 4, 2011

$1 Hot Dogs

Okay, so last week, we discussed our visit to Target Field and $1 Hot Dog Mondays. These hot dogs were the second grodiest hot dogs we've ever , coming only after the Dodger Dog for Worst Hot Dog in History. Having described the hairy a-hole taste of these dogs, we asked you the following question: "Based on our description, would you get the $1 hot dog?" Of the 7 votes, there's a 3-3 tie between "UH YEAH, they're $1" and "No, they sound grodie." 1 individual said they might do it, if they lost a bet. We can understand the attraction of a meal that's only a dollar, but let us leave you with one final thought on the subject: if the taste of your cheap meal was so grotesque that your stomach turned as soon as it touched your tongue, would it still be worth the purchase? Think about it.

Now, it should be stated that our rating of Target Field's $1 hot dog should in no way reflect the rating of Target Field's hot dog. Confused? Allow us to explain. Just because the $1 hot dog sucked what Brother would call, "a bag of d*cks," does not mean that Target Field's "typical" hot dog is of the same sucky quality. We did not buy the $4.50 hot dog while there. We instead chose to invest in a bratwurst and Polish sausage, therefore we cannot offer our opinion on the normal $4.50 hot dog. Granted, it could potentially suck just as hard as the $1 one, but we doubt it.

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