Sunday, August 12, 2012

Braves @ Mets 8-11-12

This was an eventful weekend for the TBB. For starters, Lisa has bronchitis. Second of all, Lisa's birthday is tomorrow (be sure to post Happy Birthday wishes to our Facebook wall or else suffer her wrath!). Third of all, we ran in the Runyon 5K at Yankees Stadium today like champions. Fourth of all, Tuesday is Tim Lincecum Appreciation Day. Do you feel that tingling in your balls? That excitment for terrible photo shopping and awesome fun facts about our one and only Timmy? Finally, to celebrate Lisa's birthday and send Chipper Jones one last farewell from the TBB, we had a Mets game to attend on Saturday evening. This is the part of our weekend that we're going to focus on today (don't worry...we'll get to the other stuff in the upcoming weeks), but first we need to talk about our poll results from last week. Having a bit of fun with the fact that the Yankees Facebook page had gotten hacked, we asked you which MLB player's Facebook account the TBB should break into and mess with. 2 of you voted for TOWSNBN and the following status: "Going to the 98 Degrees concert with my certifiable crazy girlfriend, Lisa, where I will serenade her with I Do Cherish You." 2 others voted for Alex Rodriguez and the following status: "Reading such a hard book! I wonder how Green Eggs and Ham will end!" Just a little background information on this joke: Serena is convinced that this is the reading level that Alex Rodriguez is at. Beautiful to look at, painful to listen to. For some bizarre reason, no one chose Barry Zito and "Just did yoga! Off to get my hair did comb-over style, then call Tom Seleck on moustache advice, and then finally write back to that girl, Serena. Busy day ahead!" No one voted for David Ortiz either. His status would've been "Hope they choose me for a season of Dancing with the Stars. I think I would do a mean fox trot and look hot in spandex." Was it the spandex that turned you off?

Okay, time to discuss the Mets game. Since it was Lisa's birthday, Serena had a little surprise in store for Lisa AND we had an additional sidekick with us: Miss Sylvia, The Fit Fem. We started things off by having lunch at McFadden's. We got there so early (4:00) that the place was nearly empty. We were seated immediately and our orders were taken shortly after. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Serena had scored a major favor from Danny Ryan to reach out to his "contacts" and arrange for Lisa to be on the field for batting practice. Mets batting practice began at 5:00. Hence, the early lunch. Sylvia was aware of all of this. Lisa was not. So when the gap-toothed idiot of a waiter forgot to order Lisa's pulled pork sandwich, making us wait for our lukewarm food until 5:05, Lisa didn't know why Serena and Sylvia were so agitated. Delaying food delivery to starving animals is a nuisance, yes, but is it bad enough to warrant Serena's threat to stab him with a butter knife? Probably not. After we inhaled our food (which is mediocre, so if you're in town, just check out the bar scene. Don't bother with food), we speed walked to the Jackie Robinson Rotunda (on the other side of Citi Field, mind you) to meet Bill, a supervisor who is awesome, to be escorted onto the field (Lisa was still oblivious at this point). When Bill met us at the top of the escalator, he informed us that the Mets' batting practice was now over, but that we could see the Braves. It was at this time that Lisa understood the ramifications of that f*ckass waiter's ineptitude. As Bill escorted us to parts of Citi Field that we should never be allowed to see because we can't be trusted, Lisa whispered, "That waiter made me miss David Wright, didn't he?" Through gritted teeth, Serena replied, "Yes, Lisa. That was the plan. Now you get Chipper Jones." The vein in Lisa's forehead throbbed. TOWSNBN, just know that it all could've ended right here. Thank you, McFadden's. Thank you.

Lisa's attitude changed as soon as Bill opened the door that led to sunlight, rich people's seats, and the motherload: the area behind home plate.

The first thing we noticed is how enormous these guys are in person. Except for Dan Uggla. He's pretty damn short in comparison to Chipper.
Sylvia noticed that David Ross kept looking over at us. This could have been for a few reasons. One of them being that he thought we were f*cking hot. Two, and more likely, our "whispers" are louder than we think and he heard us talking about how big he (and his teammates) looked, how big their sausages must be, how thick their thighs were, etc. Three, he has a staring problem. So, Serena asked him to come take a picture with the birthday girl because apparently batting practice makes her extremely social. He politely informed us that he doesn't like to be yelled at (though we're not sure that we actually DID yell at him), but happy birthday, and that we should come to his cookout. Where the hell was he having a cookout? The Citi Field parking lot? Also, would Chipper be there? We have much to discuss with him. Like are his teeth real?
We also coerced him and Martin Prado to autograph a baseball for Lisa.
Bill felt bad that Lisa missed the Mets and asked her who her favorite player is. Despite his frequent attempts at ditching her, Lisa still admitted that she loves TOWSNBN. Bill said that he could TRY to fetch the royal highness from his throne in the Mets Clubhouse, but he doubted it would work. We understood. TOWSNBN was probably too busy Skyping with Kate Middleton and Prince William. Lisa said that she was also smitten with Johan Santana. Bill was more optimistic about this, offering to escort us to the bullpen while Johan was warming up for the game. Before we left the field, Bill took a picture of us.
Again, we followed Bill through the underbelly of Citi Field, only this time, we ended up in the Mets' bullpen.
From here, he posted us just outside the bullpen to wait for Johan. While we waited for him, Bill told each relief pitcher and coach that it was Lisa's birthday so every single person entering the bullpen wished Lisa a happy birthday. Among them was Dan Warthen, Jeremy Hefner, and Ricky Bones. We got video of Bones wishing her a happy birthday. He also tossed us all baseballs, a special one going to Lisa.
Finally, Johan made an appearance. He darted passed us and Bill chased him down, reminding him it was Lisa's birthday. Johan turned, tripped over his own two feet, cheerfully waved, and in a little adorable accent, wished Lisa a happy birthday. Unfortunately, he was faster than a lemur, so we had to settle for Serena taking a few pictures of him pitching rather than video feed.
Bill arranged for us to meet one of his buddies in Field Level section 126 to get an upgrade to our seats as well. Note: our seats to begin with weren't bad. We were going to be sitting next to the home run apple, but why decline an upgrade when one is offered to you? We had no idea what we were in store for. Bill's buddy led us down the steps and ended up seating us in the third row behind the Braves dugout.
TOWSNBN had no idea just how close Lisa was for several hours. No clue that the shark was slowly circling.
As you can see by the over-joyed look on our faces, we were like kids that have been unleashed in FAO Schwartz for the first time.
Unfortunately, Johan didn't have nearly as much fun as we did. In 1.1 innings, he gave up 8 runs. Woof. It was brutal. Lisa was sitting next to two very sweet Braves fans, but the chick wouldn't stop whoo hooing. Yo, your team is up by 8 in the first inning. Enough. Jeremy Hefner replaced Santana in just the 2nd inning.
Our sweet southern neighbors were also appalled by the greeting Mets fans gave Jason Bay. She sadly observed, "it's horrible. His own fans are booing him." Lisa looked at her and said, "Yeah, this is what happens in New York when you don't do anything." Needless to say, the rest of the game didn't go much better for the Mets. One guy did offer tickets to Jersey Boys because he supposedly "owned" Jersey Boys to Eric Hinske in exchange for a ball. Not even an autographed ball. We are pretty sure that Hinske gave him the ball more out of fear of a lunatic than a desire to see Jersey Boys. Basically the Braves went back to their hotel that night talking about how New York is full of crackheads thanks to that buffoon.
The Braves would go on to win 9-3.


  1. "TOWSNBN had no idea just how close Lisa was for several hours. No clue that the shark was slowly circling."

    no doubt he could feel the eye daggers though ;)

    well, thank God Johan didn't sprain his ankle and go on the DL again when he tripped over his feet.

  2. Happy Birthday, Lisa! I hope you're feeling better now. Great pics of the game.

  3. There is just a couple things I think I should say here . . .

    First, as much as I cannot stomach the Metropolitans or their fans, with one very notable exception, I Gotta admit that Mets Black Jersey is freaking awesome. I love it, and I think I might have to buy one just to wear when I come to New York. In Philly, I'd get kicked, beaten up, and stabbed and killed, and not necessarily in that order.

    Second, its pretty cool that Bill escorted you into the bullpen, but I have to ask . . . has Santana done ANYTHING since the no hitter?

    Finally, maybe its just the jersey, but Lisa . . . you look great. This birthday thing seems to really agree with you. Here's hoping for many more with similar positive experiences.

  4. Thanks Jim! Sadly Johan has not done much since the no no but I do have faith in him :) Maybe I should try to incorporate a Mets Jersey in my day to day wardrobe. Maybe you are on to something Jim my single days are over! Lol

  5. You know I was just being a wisea** about the jersey being the only reason you look good, right? ;^)