Monday, August 6, 2012

Did you miss us?

Two weeks and a day ago Lisa asked you “If you were excited to hear about our adventures in Toronto? 14 people voted on this poll! Does it ever shock us that you always tend to vote on the non baseball related poll? The winner with an astounding 10 votes was that you think of us as real life Laverne and Shirley except that we are way hotter and we always seem to encounter a creepy version of Squiggy. Aww you guys are so sweet! You really think we are hot. We think that might be the nicest thing you have said to us in the whole 3 years of this blogs inception. We did meet a creeptastic version of Squiggy at hotel bar in Toronto. Let’s just say he seemed to appear everywhere we were and even farted out loud on the bar stool next to Lisa. When Lisa tried to get Serena’s attention Serena was too busy focused on the bartender who was NOT hot or male and looked like a brunette Magda from the movie Something about Mary. Lisa said to Serena “Did you hear that? The level 5 just farted out loud!!” Serena’s reply was “No I am too busy focused on this women’s bump it”. One a-hole voted that they could not take anymore of our drunken shenanigans. Well Sir or Madame why are you even following us. All four of our fans know that this is how we roll. So you my friend will have to deal with it. Your probably one of those people that don’t drink and clearly people that don’t drink can not be trusted. Finally 3 people voted for only if we meet a legit ball player the no name ones don’t count. Sorry to disappoint you but there was no action on this front in Toronto we promise to try to do something about this but the restraining orders are getting to be a b*tch to get around.

Lots of exciting stuff is happening this week!!! For starters we are going to our annual Met game of the year. They will be facing the Braves. Daniel Ryan was nice of us to hook the TBB with four tickets. We decided on seeing the Braves because it’s Chipper Jones last year and we want to bid him a proper farewell TBB style. We will miss heckling Larrrrrrrryyyyyyy from the top of our lungs. When the TBB were just wee bit lads our first baseball game together was at Shea and it was against the Braves. If you’re lucky we will post a then and now photo so you can pick apart how old we look today and see what a difference 8 years makes.

Sound the trumpets… The TBB will be running there first 5k together. How cool is it that the run is being taken place at Yankee Stadium. The fourth annual Damon Runyon that we are participating in will be held on August 12th, 2012. Training for the event was going well but the busted up TBB have hit some obstacles. Serena has been suffering with shin splints and an arm injury which she needs to wear a sling for and Lisa’s knees are starting to give in and today she was told by the doctor that she has the flu. Yup, the flu in August. Go figure? Lisa’s immune system seems to mimic the one of a 90 year old lady. This however will not stop us and you may watch the TBB cross the finish line in an ambulance if you click on this link here it will tell you how you can get there to point and laugh. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the blog post on this catastrophe waiting to unfold event! We know how much you guys get off on our failures.

Baseball Notes:
While we were in O Canada we could not help but notice two major trades that went down. One being that the Los Angeles acquired star infielder Hanley Ramirez in a four player trade with the Miami Marlins. In was the second multi player trade for the Marlins who started there version of a garage sale in July. Maybe they should have thought that horrible statue and acquiring  lazy bum Jose Reyes over a bit so they would not be in this predicament of having to unload salaries due to a disappointing season. The dodgers seem to be on a roll while we were out of the country because not only did the acquire Hanley Ramirez but they also got Shane Victorino from the Phillies. We have to say that it’s weird not seeing him with the Phillies. Now Lisa only has to see the flying Hawaiian two times out of the year. Oh Happy day!!!

On a hilarious note it was stated that the New York Yankees facebook page was hacked Wednesday August 3rd. The status that was written was about shortstop golden boy Derek Jeter. It said:” We regret to inform our fans that Derek Jeter will miss the rest of the season with sexual reassignment surgery. He promises to come back stronger then ever in 2013 as Minnie Mantlez. “HA! Needless to say we laughed about this for a while because that’s what a-holes do. Could you just imagine if the TBB had the knowledge to hack certain baseball players personal facebook accounts. Oh the endless possibilities.

Johan Santana is said to be ready to join the Mets Saturday against the Braves. Santana was put on the DL after spraining his right ankle. This is exciting news for the TBB since we will be going to that game.

The Rays announced today that 3rd baseman Evan Longoria will be activated from the 60 day DL prior to the series opener on Tuesday against the Blue Jays. Lisa is extremely happy about this since he is her fantasy baseball 3rd baseman for her team The Asstastic Bunch. It should be noted that Brett Lawrie was her back up and did a fairly well job for her. No worries Brett, Lisa will find a place on her roster for you. Longoria has been out since April 30th with a partially torn left hamstring. Manager Joe Maddon had said he will continue to use him as the DH until the hamstring is fully healed.

Toronto Stadium blog post is up next!!

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