Sunday, September 2, 2012

Borderline Professionals at Everything We Touch

Last week, we talked about our experience running in the Damon Runyon 5K and we discussed our a-hole behavior with our fake Olympic medals. Because of this, we asked if you thought us to be pompous a-holes. Surprisingly, 7 of you said no! Even more shocking is that no one voted yes!

We have some news for you. If you thought we were arrogant and over-the-top with this 5K, WAIT until you hear about our NFL Back to Football Run. It was FOUR miles! That's .9 more than a 5K. We'll post pictures and talk about how great we are at a later date. Next week is the Mickey Mantle exhibit (which we know you've been dying to hear about), but after that, oh, the glory you shall receive. The sweaty, arthritic glory. You're salivating in anticipation, aren't you?

At this stage of the game, we're borderline professional runners. Our next step might be a half marathon in which we wear tutus and feather boas and you get alcohol at the finish line. The only problem is that 13 miles is a long time to keep us occupied. That's 9 more miles that we're going to have to sing songs during. 9 more miles to complain about how far this trail is. 9 more miles of our hip joints weeping softly. 9 more miles of Serena asking where the ice cream is. It's just a lot to handle. Plus, we don't think there's any entertainment along the way. If there were performances by some elephants, bands, magicians, midgets, or fat bearded ladies, then perhaps we would be motivated to continue. Or if someone in better shape ran in front of us with two mugs of beer and pizza, THEN perhaps we would be motivated to continue. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Far, far ahead.

As you can see, this is quite the abbreviated blog post, but if you continue to scroll down, you will see our actual blog post for this evening. Nationals Ballpark. Enjoy. Eat some popcorn while you read it.

Once again, we are the super heroes of the week because we sat in an a-hole car for 14 hours. Jayson Werth is a-hole of the week because he apparently has never owned a razor.

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