Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tune in next week for a legit blog post

I regret to inform you that you will not be getting a blog post today. We are postponing the Kansas City Stadium blog till next week. I know this is devastating news to you all. I assure you with some self help books and a positive quote of the day app offered on some smart phones you will avoid jumping off that bridge. Now why you ask you are not getting your regularly scheduled blog post? Well there are three very good reasons.

1.The lovely Erin is in town the weekend to visit Serena.
2. Lisa has been watching her niece since yesterday and until her sister decides she wants her child back. Lisa’s weekend  consisted of and is continuing to consist of building blocks, A lot of Disney movies (which I don’t mind ) tons of “but why?” after every sentence, lot’s of singing, chocolate ice cream every where. The lack of sleep since the three year old did not go to bed until  2 am is not helping as well. Even as I try to type this bullsh*t post I am being distracted by the adorable child singing “Part of your world” from the Little Mermaid. So naturally a substantial post about baseball would be impossible.
3. At last and the most important reason of all is it’s the first Football Sunday of the season! Naturally all of our attention is required to sit in front of a television watching football, eating a lot of crap and drinking beer in my case all of the above while entertaining my niece.
Happy Football Sunday to all and to all may the New York Giants win!

In Baseball news incase you didn’t notice the New York teams suck and we wish diarrhea upon them. This baseball season couldn’t be over fast enough for the TBB!

-Lisa :)



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  1. Bite your tongue about baseball season... The minors are wrapping up, and I'm already going through withdrawls. The Bulls won their league title, so Serena can where her Durham shirt with pride! I may perk up once hockey starts, but it's a tough transition. Seeing a video of you girls singing 'Under the Sea' may also cheer me up.