Sunday, December 22, 2013

"Carlos Beltran, It's Cold Outside"

It's that time of the year, folks! Christmas songs are aplenty this time of year and we want to contribute to the joyous melodies that grace your radio stations. We bring to you our special rendition of the beloved classic, "Baby, It's Cold Outside."

You really can't stay.
      Baby, it's cold outside.
You've really got to go away.
       Baby, it's cold outside.
Your past seasons in NY haven't been -
       Been hoping you'd take me back -
so very nice -
       I'll try to win your hearts, even though they're just like ice.

Your mother will start to worry (because we're going to dick punch you).
      Beauties, what's with all your fury?
Papa L. will be pacing the floor.
      But listen to the NY crowd roar!
Yeah, sure. Maybe have another drink more.
      Put my favorite song on while I rob the poor.

Everyone seems to forget -
      Baby, it's cold outside -
how bad you were when you were a Met -
      There's no other teams to be had out there -
We wish we knew how -
       I am a Yankee now -
to break this spell -
       I'll wear this hat, don't these pinstripes look swell?

We've been saying no, no, no -
      Mind if Jete and I get closer?
At least we're gonna continue to try -
     What's the sense in hurting my pride?
You really can't stay.
      Beauties, don't hold out. You know you want to wear my jersey.
We hope you get's so cold outside.

You've got to find a new home.
       But I'll freeze out there!
We really don't care.
       It's up to my knees out there!
You've really never been grand.
       I'll promise to catch the ball when it's fair!
Why don't people see?
       How can you do this thing to me?

You're bound to disappoint us tomorrow -
      Think of my three-year sorrow -
It seems that in St. Louis, you already hit your peak -
       if you made me A-hole of the Week...every week.
You really can't stay.
      Can't you forgive me for that strikeout?
We need really need you to go away.
      Beauties, you're so cold inside.
Die. And take Jacoby with you.

This will be our last blog of 2013. We know you're disappointed. To make you feel better about this whole situation, we'll post pictures of our New Year's shenanigans to Instagram and Twatter. If you're not already following us, do so. @TravelingBBabes. Don't miss out. We'll see you in 2014. Happy Holidays and May The Force be with you.


  1. Lovely song, ladies! Thanks for a great and entertaining 2013. Your 'happy birthday' video was a highlight for sure. I hope you both have a very merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year. Congrats, too, to Serena on the yoga thing (my Wii Fit says I'm a yoga master, btw, so...sorry if that impressed the sh!t out of you.)

    1. Are you trying to instigate a yoga-off???

      Happy Holidays to you too. ;)

  2. nice one! the green letters look 3D on my monitor with that other beans.

    Have a Happy New Years TBBs. :)