Sunday, March 1, 2015

Preparing for Glory

This is what is it's like outside, so we're blogging over the phone. Note that despite the asinine weather, we're still managing to blog. Also,we have no more furniture from IKEA to build, so we have no excuse.
We have some news. Albeit, not very exciting news.
1. Like last year, we'll be attending both Yankees' and Mets' Opening Days.
2. We're forming our own fantasy baseball league this year. We're done with this collusion business that's been plaguing our former league for years. We're moving on to bigger and better things. We're quietly amassing our league participants. Our goal is a 12-team league. We're seriously considering opening a few team slots to our followers, but we're concerned that you'll be annoying. Feel free to try and convince us that you won't be annoying.
3. We've decided to legitimately visit the Baseball Hall of Fame this year. We promise that this is the year. We will not fail you.
4. The New York media has inundated us with reports on Alex Rodriguez's progress during spring training. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a single interesting update. It would be more entertaining if they informed us how often he took a sh*t. No one cares that he's making friends. What a waste of a mobile alert (ahem, Sportscenter).
5. Tentative stadium tour 2015: Miami Marlins
6. We've started working out together on Sundays again. Watch out Instagram.

We intended to write an actual blog. Serena called Lisa. She logged into Blogger. The conversation turned to Mets' Opening Day (Old Man Ed is handling Yankees' Opening Day). It took Lisa twenty minutes to actually procure tickets. Fifteen of those minutes involved her selecting our seats. The final cost was follows:
Tickets: $39/each
Convenience Charge: $10.50
Parking: $21
Convenience charge: $1.00
Per order fee: $6.00
Grand Total: $116.50
Thank you, MLB, Mets, and Ticketmaster for continuing to bend us over a table. 

Somehow, during this transaction, we ended up discussing our fantasy league. Serena created our league. Then spent twenty minutes researching and creating various fantasy team names.Eventually, we invited two other people to join. The end.


  1. I feel your pain when it comes to the weather. It sucks here in Michigan, too, but admit you girls have been hit much harder this winter.
    I'd love to be a part of your fantasy league, but have no evidence prepared to prove I won't be annoying. I hope it's a league I can update from my phone, though, as the a-holes at work have blocked all of the fantasy sites. Not fair.
    Good decision to visit Miami this season, also. It will probably be the only MLB city that won't have snow in June.
    All of those added charges for the Mets tix are BS. Tickets are too expensive anyway. I hate to keep plugging the minor leagues, but money talks.

    1. You know what? You're right, MD. You've never been annoying. :) We use the Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball app. It's not perfect, but it's doable and best of all, free.

      We cannot undertake another project (minor league stadiums) without finishing our first one. We're notorious for not following through on things. We need to stay on task.

  2. "Thank you, MLB, Mets, and Ticketmaster for continuing to bend us over a table." and they didn't even buy you dinner first! or at least throw some Taco Bell and beers down your gullet first...chivalry appears to be dead.

    meatball sliders! those looked pretty good @ Citifield...haven't had those, had the fancy steak sandwich instead...meh.