Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mets Opening Day 2015

April 13th 2015

So the plan was suppose to be for us to attend both Opening Days for the New York teams together. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond the control of the ever powerful TBB this was not happening and Serena was no longer able to attend leaving me dateless. I was not dateless for long when my friend Laurie decided to join me for the game. Laurie is known on the blog as the Mets jinx. When she attends games they lose it's that simple and a known fact . So while I was excited to have her go with me a part of me knew this game could very well be a shit show. 

Tailgating is something that Laurie and I normally do when we attend games so we decided to go bright and early. I didn't want what happened to Serena and I last year when the stupid Cirque du so Lame crap took up half the Citi Field parking lot and we were unable to tailgate. It was a tragedy. Laurie said she would take on the food portion all I had to do was bring a bottle of wine and pack my amazing bucket grill that looks like nothing but I swear the food tastes delish on this rin tin tin . I picked Laurie up at 9:30 and when I bought the tickets I prepaid for parking to ensure I would definitely be in the lot. It is now $21 to park your car . What a rip off, but I promise I will save that rant for another time. We arrived at Citifield around 10 ish pulled into a spot and quickly started unloading my truck to start pregame festivities. Gotta give Laurie props I told her to bring it and she brought it. We had marinated skirt steaks, spicy chicken, hot dogs with all the fixings, chips , salsa, guacamole, onion dip, pickles, See our feast below.

Everything seemed to fall into place perfectly until Laurie asked me to open up the wine. 
This is how the conversation went: 
Laurie: "Where's the wine opener?" 
Me: I don't know ? Which bag did you pack it in ?
Laurie: I didn't pack it. Why would I pack it you were bringing the wine?
Laurie: All you had was one job  !!!

As punishment I was sent off to troll around the parking lot looking for a wine opener. After a few rounds and weird looks I finally found someone with a wanna be Swiss army knife that had a cork screw contraption. It seemed we were going to have to Macgyver this bitch open. Thankfully the nice men next to us saw our struggles and gave a helping hand. In a matter of seconds and some overtime from the union workers our wine was open but there was a causality. It seems the wanna be Swiss army knife broke in the line of duty. Again to our rescue were our tailgate neighbors who fixed it just long enough for me to return it and scurry back before the people I borrowed it from realized it was  broken. If you are reading this and you are the one I borrowed it from I will gladly send you an autographed photo of the TBB  and a $1 that should compensate you for your broken thingy and troubles. As we sat eating and drinking a visitor arose form the sea of orange and blue tailgaters. It was Old Man Ed! He must of heard about our feast and part of me thinks he was comparing it to the  last supper he had attended back in the day. (cause that's how old he is)
I quickly noticed that is was 12:45 and we still had not even started to pack up . I told Laurie that we should start cleaning up because I did not want to miss the beginning of the game. My cries fell on deaf ears because Laurie continued to drink her wine and bask in the sun. So I apologize that I have no pictures of anything that happened before the game. You can send your hate mail to Laurie. I am disappointed that I missed it because I later found out that the Mets honored the families of the two NYPD officers that were killed on duty Wenjian Liu and Rafel Ramos. Liu's widow and Ramos' sons threw out the ceremonial first pitch and a moment of silence was held during the ceremony. There was a flyover  by the NYPD Aviation Unit helicopters and more then 150 officers rolled out a giant american flag. This is all compliments of Google because Laurie made me miss it . 

I got  cheap seats high so high I could high five Old man Ed's high school buddy Jesus if I wanted to. Despite being so far up  the view was pretty spectacular. 

The Stadium was packed . Rumor has it that the attendance was a whopping 43,947 which is the largest regular season crowd they have had since Citi Field has opened up. I probably should tell you something about the actual game. The  Mets were playing the Phillies and the pitching match up was Jacob deGrom and Aaron Harang. While watching the game I was scoping the crowd for a potential husband and I found this fan's homemade jersey pretty amusing so I figured I share it with you.
Around the 6th inning we decided to get ice cream . $6.50 for a freaking helmet cup which I proceeded to wash out with the intention to take home but I left it there. Does that really shock any of you reading this? Probably not.  It was a low scoring game, the Mets managed to scrape together two runs. Things did get hairy in the 7th but Kudos to TBB bestie Daniel Murphy for making a nice play . The Mets went on to win 2-0 and Laurie would like to redeem herself as not being the Mets black cat. It should be noted that she did attend the next night as well and they still managed to win. However since she has made two appearances to the games  we have been losing men left and right to the DL. Coincidence, I think NOT .  


  1. Glad the Mets got the W for Lisa, and it looked like a really nice day. I say a couple of games down in Jax, and got some rain (but at least it was warm rain).

  2. It was a beautiful day and the win also helped to make it great! Warm rain better then cold rain any day! Happy Baseball travels :)

  3. that guy looked like such a dick...might Serena have punched the guy with home made jersey?

    I'll try to reverse the injury curse next Friday!