Sunday, August 16, 2015

Tim Lincecum Appreciation Day 2015

It's that time of year, folks. The annual celebration of the wonderful Tim Lincecum. We know you've all been looking forward to seeing what we've been up to with our good friend, Timmy. Well, without further delay, let's discuss the many facets of Tim Lincecum.

Most recently, Timmy took some time off from baseball to join us at last night's lightsaber fight in Washington Square Park in the city. We joined the side of the Jedi and Timmy decided to be a real jerk and side with the Sith. He also purchased a horse mask at a nearby Halloween store and attacked Spiderman.
In November, Timmy joined us for a friend's wedding and we had some fun in a photo booth. Honestly, it being November, he had nothing better to do but attend a wedding with us. He was very popular with the elderly ladies. He danced the mashed potato and the twist all night long. He also wore a dress (we all know how he loves to cross dress) and caught the bouquet at the end of the night.
 Timmy loves to run. We don't know if you knew that, but he does. He also loves zoo animals. So running a 5K at a zoo was a perfect way to spend the day.Unfortunately (and surprisingly), Timmy isn't really good at much and he ended up suffering from a big toe cramp in the first mile and had to be escorted via golf cart to the finish line. It was pretty pathetic. Us, on the other hand, broke a gazillion records and finished the 5K in 10 minutes. We actually took 1st and 2nd place overall out of thousands of people.
 Timmy feels like we've been pretty terrible at activity lately. Which is bullshit, but whatever. He decided to take us rock climbing. Timmy next graduated from the children's ABC wall, but we did pretty good. Our guide felt that we were so good at it, that he showed us "bouldering." We were pretty epic. After rock climbing, Timmy treated us to Chipotle. As wealthy as he is, Timmy is also pretty frugal. Good thing we enjoy his company so much.
He was a little bored during his visits to us this year, but we promised to make it up to him. We've already discussed Halloween. He's decided to dress as Storm. He may also run a half-marathon with us. He's really into the whole, "running while wearing a tutu thing."

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  1. "finished the 5K in 10 minutes" was that a TBB PR?

    were you guys bummed he treated you to Chipotle and not Taco Bell?