Sunday, November 15, 2015

Since We've Been Gone...

So, we've been the worst bloggers in history. We gave you Baltimore action and then flat left you. We didn't even cover the playoffs - a post season in which a New York team was represented. However, in our defense, we've been extremely busy. And also popular. Since we feel like we owe you a little bit of an explanation, we'll detail our timeline from the Baltimore game to today.

We'll start with just a few weekends after we traveled to Baltimore and went to a Yankees doubleheader. At the end of September, we ran in the Tunnel 2 the Tower 5K with Auntiedukes, Stephanie, Julia, and Julia's extremely tall sidekick.
The Saturday immediately following the Tunnel 2 the Tower Run, we ran a half marathon with Stephanie. After we crossed the finish line, this extremely handsome firefighter took a photo with us. Unfortunately, he tried to pose for a photo with us before giving Serena her medal and that was simply unacceptable, so she yelled at him. We were a little cranky from running for over 2 hours.

As if 13 miles weren't enough, Serena and Auntiedukes chose to walk in the Avon 39 NYC event shortly after. Lisa, Aunt Cathy, Mamadukes, Roberta, Stephanie, and Julia came out to cheer them on.

Feeling randy from our recent athletic endeavors, we chose to go pumpkin picking and participate in all of the farm's children's activities.
We laid low from that point on until Halloween. We spent our time busy like beavers to ensure the perfection execution of our Halloween costumes. In the end, our hard work and attention to detail paid off. We partied at a bar in Chelsea within view of the Empire State Building. Erin and The Favorite traveled down from Boston to join us. Behold the kick ass crossover super hero crew:

During this time, as you know, the Mets were chipping their way through the Division Series, Championship Series, and into the World Series. We tried to cross another item off the NYE resolution list by acquiring tickets to one of these playoff games, however Lisa felt slightly wronged. The Mets required her to enter a lottery in order to have the opportunity to purchase tickets. Lisa received an email that she didn't qualify to purchase for the Division Series, which was a bummer. Both of us agreed that we wouldn't pay the ass raping prices of StubHub for these tickets. We have pride. Sometimes too much pride, which bites us in the ass, but in this case, it served our bank accounts well.

All was not lost. The Mets advanced to the Championship. This time, Lisa qualified. By the time she got tickets, all that was left were tickets to "game 4." We discussed this while foam rolling at the gym.
"Oh! I got us tickets to game 4. That's all that was left."
Serena: "Are you sure it's for game 4 and not the fourth home game?"
Lisa: "No. It says game 4 on the tickets."
Serena: "Oh, that's new. They didn't used to do it that way."
Lisa: "Yeah. We definitely have tickets to game 4."
Serena: "Cool."

Fast forward:
Lisa: "Sooooooo, it turns out we have tickets to game 7."
Serena: "I knew it."
Lisa: "Yeah, so this game will either be extremely epic or a goddamn nightmare. We'll either be celebrating or I'm going home crying."

As you know, the Mets never made it to game 7 because they swept the Cubs. Side note: Lisa only just got her money back today. Way to be on top of that, Ticketmaster. So quick to take the money, but not so quick to give it back.

Onto the World Series. Lisa received yet another rejection email from the Mets.
Meanwhile, all around us are these fake bandwagon Mets fans going to the playoff games. It was infuriating. Here we are, supporting our teams and each other through good times and not so good times, through old stadiums and new. Faithful to the end. Then these buffoons come in here with their clean, shiny, brand new Mets memorabilia with the tags still on it and take our ticket opportunities away. That's really all we have to say on this subject. We don't want to talk about it anymore.

Back to our busy, fun-filled schedule. Today, we ran what may or may not be our final run for the year (there's talk of a turkey trot at the end of the month, but we're unable to confirm or deny that at this time): the Damon Runyon 5K. Today was our 4th go round of this particular race, Stephanie's second, and Dan's first. We're proud to say that we broke his run cherry. Once again, Lisa was displeased by the idea that walkers got a medal as well as the runners since they didn't do half the work that we did. Lisa was also extremely put out by the fact that there was no cheese table. In fact, she was so upset by this injustice that she inserted the word, "cheese" into random sentences throughout the rest of the day. After our run, we ate, drank coffee, and napped (not in a puppy pile).
Now, we wait for the Giants to blow it either in the last final games of the season or in the first round of the playoffs, we wait for spring training, we wait for the Bronx Zoo run, and we wait for Opening Day. In the midst of this, perhaps we will actually get our shit together and plan a stadium tour.We do only have seven stadiums left and as per usual with us, as we get down to the wire, we start dragging our feet.

PS - our ADD caused this blog post to take over 2 hours to write. Wait until the baseball season and all of our game photos, people. ALL DAY blog posts. ALL DAY.


  1. Can't believe you didn't automatically win the WS lottery after having tix to a game that wasn't played.

    1. You would think , or maybe they can go buy the ticket purchasers past purchases and decide that ws . Lol Like oh you never been to a game in your life clearly your a front runner or Oh you've been coming since you were 8 you may purchase tickets.. lol Lisa is still hurt from the whole ticket process and outcome. She may be ok once opening day starts

  2. You girls don't owe us anything, but still enjoyed the post. I try to keep in the loop with Insta/Twit accounts, though. Sorry your playoffs plans fell didn't turn out. I would assume that they would treat you like the VIP's that you are, and Lisa would be throwing out the first pitch.
    You're Halloween costumes looked amazing as usual, however. I'm sure you had the attention of all the fan boys, and then some.
    Hope you girls are as excited for Episode VII after seeing the trailers as I am. One month from today!

    1. Lisa still hasn't watched any of the episodes other than episode 4, so she probably doesn't care about Star Wars. The only way this release impacts her in the slightest is the amount of time she has to put up with Serena talking about it. Serena will be seeing it in IMAX on Christmas. :)

  3. should have worn those Halloween costumes to Citi Field, someone would have given ya tickets in the parking lot. Then you could have ditched them inside.

    maybe more photos on playground items next year. Have a good Thanksgivng TBBs! :)