Sunday, November 6, 2016

Top 10 Reasons That Make This Year The Best World Series

We know that we owe you our post on our recent (sort of in over a month ago) trip to Philadelphia, but we figured that a commentary on the World Series would be a little more relevant. Plus, our overdue Philly post isn't going to become any less overdue if you've got to wait another week for it. We're pretty confident that you'll get over it. 

1. Jake Arrieta. All of him. If you've seen this year's issue of ESPN's Body, then you know what we're talking about. He looks pretty sexy with his clothes on too.
2. An entire series without Bryce Harper and all his douchey-ness. We just can't.
3. Game 7. Finally, a series to live up to the hype. Neither team totally dominated and neither team was dominated. The trophy was hard earned. Game 7 itself was enough to give someone a heart attack. If the Yankees or Mets had been in this series, we're not sure we would have had the balls to stomach it.
4. A unique matchup. We haven't seen the Cubs or Indians in the World Series in a long time. The last time we saw the Indians, it was 1997 and the Cubs' last visit to the World Series was in 1945. We weren't even alive for that. We've seen the rest of the playoff teams from this postseason in recent years. Therefore, the Cubs and Indians were a nice change.
5. Unless you are a Cubs' or Indians' fan, you chose what side you were on based on your favorite baseball movie. Major League vs. Rookie of the Year.
6. Stress free. Granted, this probably doesn't apply to you if you're an Indians' fan or a Cubs' fan, but for us, it was an immensely enjoyable experience watching two teams that we weren't emotionally invested in play quality baseball.
7. Bill F*cking Murray. At every single game. Being Bill Murray.
8. Discovering the true height of Andrew Miller. How did we not notice this when he was with the Yankees? Do pinstripes create the illusion of petite-ness? Also, why is no one addressing the elephant in the room? He's legitimately a giant. He probably needs his pants custom made. There's no way the "tall" section of the Gap accommodates a 6'7'' body frame.
9. Corey Kluber's Game 1 pitching performance, which included striking out 8 of his first 9 outs.
10. Our old friend, David Ross, became the oldest player in Major League history to homer in Game 7 of a World Series. Sidenote: were you aware that 39 years old is considered to be, "old?" Kill us.

Without further ado, welcome to the fray, all you bandwagon Cubs' and Indians' fans that are sure to come out of the woodwork next season with your freshly purchased team jerseys/shirts/hats. Allow us to introduce you to the Blue Jays' fans.

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  1. Joe Maddon really started to annoy me as the series went longer.

    Serena went back to blonde for Halloween I see- side trip to Instagram...just a part time lurker there. The rainbow hair looked good!