Tuesday, December 19, 2017

2018 Stadium Tour

We realize that we owe you a lot of sh*t right now, but our schedules have been kind of hectic and we need you to just kind of get over it. We'll get to all of that after the holidays. We promise.

Having said that, here's the good news: we've got a plan for our 2018 stadium tour. One whole week of Midwestern adventures...if you could call it that. Here's our rough itinerary for the month of September:

* Fly into Detroit
Tigers game/guided tour
Ford Piquette Avenue Plant

*Drive to Cleveland (approximately 3 hours)
Indians game/no guided tour because they're stupid and don't offer tours after Sept 2
A Christmas Story House
The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

*Drive to Cincinnati (approximately 4 hours)
Reds game/guided tour
Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame & Museum

*Fly home

Soooooo, there's not much. If there's anyone out there that could possibly contribute to the list of things for us to do, please send help. Because the house from A Christmas Story cannot possibly be the highlight of this vacation.

After the holidays, we vow to provide you with the following:
1. The Globe Life blog post (from August 2017)
2. A new facial hair blog
3. Finally, an updated stadium rankings list (now that we're nearly complete)
4. An updated posting of "While You're in Town"
5. Updates on the TBB local activities for the 2018 season (aka: opening day)

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