Friday, March 5, 2010

Chronicles of Narnia

First things, first. We asked you if you felt that the TBB would make excellent MLB mascots. All 4 people voted, “Yes! You have such sparkling personalities!” We’re so pleased with this response! Does this mean you really like us? Not a single vote was devoted to the other choices: “No. You’re mascot stalkers,” “No, but it’s not because I don’t like you. It’s just that I don’t feel you’re smart enough to handle the t-shirt gun,” or “Maybe. Only if it’s for a minor league team.”

We do have one slight, unimportant confession to make to you. In fact, it’s so silly and insignificant, you can go ahead and skip over this and continue on to the next paragraph. So…okay…one of the votes was made by Lisa. There. We said it. Moving on…

We’re practically already on our way to sunny California! We can almost smell the coconuts hanging from the palm trees. We can imagine the ocean breeze skimming through our hair, the warm sand beneath our toes, the salt water rushing up our noses as a gigantic wave sucks us under, and Shamu sailing through crystal blue water and not chewing on his trainer. Ah. Vacation. Good times. As you may recall, we booked our flights and Tier 2 Wyndham Reward San Diego hotel last week. Apparently, among the local tourist attractions near this hotel is Tijuana. Yes, you read that correctly. We are not only within driving distance of Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, Lego Land, and Petco Park, but we’re also just a hop, skip, and a jump from tequila, a naughty donkey show, sombreros, and jalapeno peppers. In spirit of this fantastic development, we've decided to grow fake mustaches. You know how we love fake facial hair...

We’ve also purchased our tickets to the 5/15 Angels/A’s game and the 5/20 Dodgers/Padres game. Tomorrow, while we get our hair colored by awesome Dave (#1 Fan Steph’s husband), Padres tickets are going on sale. We’re gunning for the 5/18 game against the Giants. Preparations are almost complete.

Now, we personally feel this one’s a gem: Milton Bradley seems to think that “unrealistic expectations and poor communication” are to blame for his poor season with the Chicago Cubs. Really? Does poor communication prompt you to throw the ball into the right field stands with less than 2 outs and while runners round the bases? That certainly explains the idiotic behavior then. Thank god we finally got a reason for that. Bradley was dealt to the Mariners during the off season in exchange for pitcher, Carlos Silva. We pray that Ken Griffey straightens the idiot out. Jr. won’t be tolerating no balls thrown into the stands with men in scoring position. No way.

Yesterday, during the 1st inning of a spring training game against the Brewers, Barry Zito (Serena’s future husband…she’s hoping he looks for a sense of humor in a gal and not so much looks and physique) plunked Prince Fielder in the back in retaliation for an over-the-top celebration at home plate concluding a Fielder walk-off home run on September 6th. Zito denies that he’d been trying to send a message, but let’s get real. He can’t exactly admit that he did it on purpose. We are proud of the fact that he finally grew some balls on the field and stuck up for his team. We hope to see some more feistiness out of Zito during the regular season.

Speaking of balls, in Fred K’s Cancer related news, Lisa’s friend, Nicole has set up an event through her Avon page in order to help support Fred K’s Cancer. Simply visit her site (which we’ve included under the Fred K’s Cancer section on our sidebar) and use the promotional code, “FREDKCANCER5” at checkout and 5% of the sale will be donated to Fred K’s Cancer. Nicole is the TBB’s Super Hero of the Week…which is a new award that we just made up and will be continuing the tradition going forward.

Joe Nichols conveyed the essence of this upcoming trip in his best cowboy drawl when he sang, “tequila makes people’s clothes fall off. We said we’re going out with Erin and Matt, margaritas at the Travelodge. Swingin’ Friar, have mercy, our only thought was, tequila makes people’s clothes fall off.”

BallHype: hype it up!


  1. Hi girls!Just wanted to say that in my Sports Illustrated current issue,assisatant GM of the Mets says that sometimes they have to limit TOWSNBN's public apperances and interviews because "the organization has to protect him from himself". Maybe it is not you(the TBB)that keeps him from taking a photo
    Good luck with the hair;)

  2. Thanks Steph #1 fan you always find a way to make us feel better about our ever low really low self esteem that TOWSNBN has caused. We have accepted his decision and we have moved on to Murphy !!!!! Wish us luck!Hopefully your hubby is in a good mood and will do as we say in terms of our hair ;)

  3. Protect him from himself? Really? That sounds completely he might be a nut job. If that's the case, he'd fit right in with us!

    TOWSNBN, give us a call! We'll totally embrace your insanity! You can come with us to Tijuana!

  4. I can't believe you guys are coming out to California and not heading up my way. San Diego will be fun though. The weather's been kind of chilly but I'm sure it'll be perfect when you get here. Safe travels!

  5. Are you really that close to LA? We are in town for an entire week...

  6. If I may, I think you both would look better with A Fu Manchu. And a soul patch. Just sayin.

  7. Duly noted, Jp14. We will work on cultivating more appropriate facial hair. Wouldn't want to scare the men away with unsuitable whiskers.