Friday, March 19, 2010

Forget me knot...

Good afternoon my fine fans. I must first start off and apologize for such a late blog today. I know how horrible it must have been for all of you loyal fans (4) to click onto to your favorites in your computer scroll to our site and to find last week’s blog. Shame on me. Serena is off having fun in the sun with hot mama Erin and it was my responsibility to give you a blog. Clearly I cannot be trusted with anything. Sorry for the let down. I am in the process of throwing sister a fabulous baby shower on Sunday that it just slipped my mind. Please forgive me.

Now onto the results of last week’s poll. We the people (just Serena and I) asked you if you thought that Jose Reyes’ absence from the team will hinder or benefit Lisa’s beloved Mets. Well congratulations looks like you guys are slowly coming back to us since the baseball season is approaching because 6 of you voted!!!! The majority of you which was three and needless to say I agree think that A-hole 2 being absent will benefit the Mets simply because he did nothing last year so whose to say this year will be any different. Keep on following in the footsteps of A-hole 1 (Carlos Beltran ) and you will see what will soon be chanted at Citi Field I can most guarantee it will not be Jose, Jose Jose . Coming in second with two votes was" Not really sure why are you guys judging already". I have to ask two questions to these two voters. Do you not read our blog? Have you not grasped our sarcastic fun loving personalities? That is what we do. The last choice was one sole person Said that it will hinder the Mets simply because they need more A-holes on the team. Great can’t wait for the 2010 season to start (lay on heavy sarcasm) guys. My expectations for the Mets are so low that anything they do well will just be one great cherry on a sundae for me. It is so low that there is no way for me to be disappointed. Even if it’s just that the whole 40 man roster manages not to bump there toe and be on the 15 day DL list or maybe they can make some quality plays that will be enough for me .

Before I begin let me just apologize again for I am ill prepared for this week’s blog. You’re lucky you are getting random baseball notes that I managed to find. I was really close to just making up random crap which so would have been lies and I might have gotten sued. Ring the alarm, toot the horn here are your baseball notes: Mr. Hot stuff and the bendiest man we have ever seen closer for the Rockies Houston Street has reported that his ailing right shoulder has no structural damage. Yea!!! BUT will not be able to start the 2010 season. *sigh* On behalf of the TBB we wish you a get well soon and if you need a massage or perhaps a sponge bath we are available the Kansas City Royals still have not contacted us to be the new mascot so we have lots of time on our hands. It was announced on Thursday that the Mets and Marlins will play a three game series in Puerto Rico from June 28th to June 30th. Individual and group tickets will go on sale this Saturday. The groom to be Derek Jeter was said to be having problems with his throwing hand on Thursday’s spring training game against the Rays. The Yes network commentators reported that they saw Jeter wincing and flexing his hand. It was later confirmed by both Giardi and Jeter himself that all is well with the captain. Well Yes network commentators I hope you learned a valuable lesson in assuming. You know what happens when you assume it makes an ass out of you and I am not even mentioning me .This is not the first time broadcasters have said something asinine did you ever listen to Keith Hernandez and some of the gems that come out of his pie hole. Enough said. Well sadly that’s all I got people. There was a lot more but they seemed not interesting to me. Now I must get back to wrapping party favors and making chocolate in the shape of animals. I wish Serena a wild and crazy trip but most important a safe return. :)


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