Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11

In honor of the 10-year anniversary marking one of the worst tragedies our nation has ever faced, we are not going to do a traditional Traveling Baseball Babes post this week. We felt that our typical a-hole sense of humor would be inappropriate on an important day like today. Therefore we’ve extended our poll for another week (so you can continue to leave your feedback regarding Operation Hot Brother) and listed this week’s baseball notes below.

Remember to thank a fire fighter and police officer today (and every day) for their hard work and selfless dedication.

Baseball Notes:
Last night, Jorge Posada made an appearance behind the plate for the first time all season thanks to a Russell Martin injury, who had taken a foul tip off of his thumb in the 2nd. From the get go, the Angels sought to test the unpracticed veteran. Howie Kendrick singled and then tried to steal. Posada gunned Kendrick down at second fairly easily. The throw to Robinson Cano was high, but there with plenty of time for Cano to bring the ball down to apply the tag.

In walk-off fashion, Evan Longoria’s single in the 11th inning last night allowed the Rays to defeat the Red Sox 6-5 and continue to nibble at the Sox’s lead in the American League Wild Card race, pulling within 4 ½ games. The Red Sox loss also helped the Yankees maintain their American League East supremacy for now since they were awesome enough to lose 6-0 to the Angels.

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