Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Baseball with Papa L

Today I am blogging solo. Serena is walking for all the boobs across the world with Erin at The Avon Breast Cancer Walk. Great job guys! I have to write the blog by myself and I get a complete knot in my stomach when these days come along. It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing the blog or doing it it’s just that we are at our best when blogging together. It’s like beer and wings, sure you drink beer by itself and it’s great  and sometimes you have wings without the beer and that’s cool but it’s only when you have beer and wings together that you experience pure nirvana. That’s what the TBB blogging together equates to so when either one of us rides solo it’s just not right. Also I am lazy and when we blog together Serena does the typing.

Today I thought it would be fun if I do a commentary while watching the Mets game with my beloved disgruntle Mets fan father Papa L. It will give you a inside glimpse into my world and what I deal with I also can’t think of a topic to write about so this will have to do and at least its baseball related. My father is in rare form today I’m hoping we are in for some hilarious feedback from him. Oh you ask why he is in such a mood it’s because the Mets managed to lose last night’s game in extra innings when for most of the game they had a  6-0 lead. This is a classic Met loss. He is not as mad as the Luis Castillio dropped ball but he’s still pretty perturbed.  They need to win today to avoid a 4 game sweep against the Colorado Rockies today. The pitching match up is Dillon Gee vs Jhoulys Chacin.

Ranting about last nights game has begun my father outbursts “I blame the *bleeping* manager he left him in too long.” Today’s game is now in progress. Juan Lagares is up he gets a hit, but my father rises from the couch complaining how stupid it is to tell people what you have trouble hitting. Apparently the announcers were talking about how Lagares said that he can’t hit the slider. Murphy also gets a hit and there are runners on first and second but Papa L missed it he is making his 5TH pot of coffee. My family drinks coffee like its water. Back from coffee brewing he shouts “Something is not right with your boy Lisa he’s not hitting.” And as he says that TOWSNBN gets the first out of the inning. The top of the first ends and Papa L is yelling to bench Murphy because he is called out at third after tagging up when a low fly ball was hit. Even Keith Hernandez is speechless at this Murphy Moment. So for now the Mets have the lead 1-0. “I would yell at him Lisa, one stupid run is all they can get”.

*Papa L went to help Mama L with the groceries. He is not missing much and I am now going to get a cup of coffee.

It’s now the bottom of the second my father has not return. I find him peeling potatoes. This is not what I had in mind when I envisioned me writing a blog post about the shit that flies out of his mouth while we watch the game. I apologize if this is all you get out of him. Top of third and the Mets are winning 3-0. I yell the score to my dad like the loud Italian I am. I also tell him that maybe he should stay in the kitchen since they are doing so well without his negativity. Never the less he comes over to see what’s going on. At the sight of Lucas Duda dad says “What did you do your first time up you big dope?” They walk Duda to get to Travis d’Arnaud. “Whatever you do don’t hit into a double play. Oh, that was your pitch. He’s going to hit into a double play.” Sure enough he did hit into a double play. Dad again voicing his opinion “Why do they continue to play him, put the other catcher in. The Managers got to go!” And just like that Fred dismisses himself to go back to the kitchen to fry chicken cutlets. He should have just stayed in the kitchen.  This is what goes on for most of the games he watches he goes in and out of his man cave. I will describe it to you. He has an old couch, a flat screen TV with a giant bubble back. The screen cuts off the scoreboard in the right hand corner which he constantly bitches about but he is too cheap to get a new one. He also has pictures of my Grandpa in the service and some pictures of the biggest fluke he ever caught. If you ever cross paths with my father he will bore you with this story. The game is now on in the kitchen so my father can watch and continue to fry chicken cutlets. I hear him yell “Alright!” as Murphy drives in a run. Score is 4-0 in the top of the fourth.

I hear a mutter in the kitchen. “We would have had more runs if it wasn’t for that catcher.”

Papa L is back watching the game “He stinks I don’t know what the manager sees in him. Maybe his father paid the manager.” This more sarcasm from Pops about Duda. Now you guys can see where I get it from. Bottom of the fifth Mets still have the lead 4-0 but the Rockies are threatening with runners on first and second. With one out my dad pleas “C’mon Gee don’t fall apart now”.

Dinner is ready and clearly I am staying for a home cooked free meal. At dinner break it’s the bottom of the 6TH believe it or not the Mets still have the lead. A part of me wishes I would have decided to commentate on last night’s game it sure would have been a more colorful blog post with a lot of bleeps. I’m sure the bottom of the 9TH will bring out the best in my father it usually does.

Clapping has commenced in the house that Papa L built. It’s 5-0 in the top of the 7TH compliments of Eric Young on a single by a dud (Lucas Duda for those that are just tuning in). Papa L is leaving to go put his lotto numbers in. It’s the bottom of the 7th runners on 1st and 2ND for the Rockies and no one out. “They always fall apart now always; let me go maybe when I come back there will be good news.” Dad shakes his head and exits. I am starting to realize why my father actually hates going to a live game it’s because he can’t leave or change the channel in times of distress. Well so much for watching the whole game with Dad. I have to admit Dad was not on his A game with quick comebacks which I had thought was going to make this an amusing blog but it turned out to be a Lucas Duda blog post. Sorry guys. I think the next time I’ll record him. Hopefully the Mets win! Happy Sunday all!



  1. I dunno Lisa...maybe you should switch your Dad to decaf? Or go all in on the coffee and have it like in Italy! tutti bene!

    I think if Serena was there the last sentence would have been May the Fourth Be With You. ;)

    1. Haha I wonder how he would act on decaf. Hmmm maybe I'll do an experiment and report back. :)