Sunday, May 11, 2014

TBB's Greatest Ballpark Moments

We are officially less than one month away from visiting our 25th ballpark together (3 of them decommissioned - Yankees, Shea, and RFK). Keeping that in mind, we decided to share with you our greatest moments at ballparks to date. First of all, it fits into this blog's supposed theme of baseball and secondly, it allows us to talk about us and how great we are. Our favorite topic.

  • The first time we met Barry Zito. And Serena accidentally had him autograph his baseball card's plastic case instead of the card itself. Fail. 
  • The first time we got a player's (not to be named) autograph and then later received an email from that player when he found our blog.
  • The sausage sandwich at RFK Stadium.
  • Lisa accidentally being lifted and coerced into crowd surfing across a sea of individuals scrambling for a foul ball.
  • Erin on the jumbotron at US Cellular Field.
  • Adam LaRoche threw us a ball. We're not exaggerating. He made eye contact and flipped the ball directly to us. We were the only ones standing in that area, so we know it wasn't meant for a child. 
  • Johan Santana wished Lisa a happy birthday.
  • Bernie Williams figurine night. 
  • Erin, The Favorite, and us were featured on Bucks on the Pond at Citi Field, but we never received our winnings nor did we ever find our video. 
  • The time we spent an entire Yankees game flirting with a player in the Athletics' bullpen only to find out later via The Google that he was only a bullpen catcher that had apparently only seen one inning of real MLB action. 
  • US President Abraham Lincoln grabbed Serena's ass while visiting RFK Stadium. Sure, he was a mascot president, but he was still one of our country's greatest leaders and it was an honor to receive an ass grab from him.
  • The first time we met Mr. Met.
  • Huston Street obliged us by stopping his pre-game activities  at Yankee Stadium to pose for a photo at our request. 
  • David Ross invited us to his cookout after the game. 
  • We ate Derek Jeter's face. Allow us to specify. His face was on a cookie. We never found the bakery again. We think it might be in Narnia through the magical wardrobe. 
Next week, we'll bring you our list of worst moments. We'll give you a hint. There'll be side boob, mascot mishaps, and so much more. 

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  1. sausage sandwich? did that involve the other President mascots? :P

    Pat LaFrieda steak sandwich! had one on Saturday @ Citi Field...pretty tasty. The meat ball sliders looked really good...didn't have any though. Maybe next time. Really liked the new stadium.