Sunday, September 7, 2014

2014 Tim Lincecum Appreciation Day

It's that time of year again. The annual celebration of the man we know as Tim Lincecum. We realize that we are a few days late, but we had a lot of activities going on and as you know, we no longer blog on weekends that bookend a bank holiday. If the post office is closed, so then are we. Timmy and us have had a pretty rockin' year so far. If we're to be quite frank, it's hardly surprising that Timmy's been having the season he's been having so far. We've made him so happy!!!! Plus, he's been following our exercise regiment religiously. The San Francisco Giants should basically have us on their payroll because we're the meaning in Timmy's life. We're his inspiration. They should also give us health benefits and a 401(K) plan so that we can leave our current jobs to pursue a career in traveling baseball babes that life coach and encourage you to make poor decision for good reasons.

ANYWHO, let's talk about our most recent Timmy adventures. We know you've been dying to hear about them.

To celebrate New Year's, we got all dolled up to attend a fancy gala at a nearby country club. As you can see, Timmy decided to go drag. He was jealous of Serena's Girls and wanted to show off his as well.
Soon after, he decided to try out his skills at stand up comedy and booked a gig at Foxwoods. Since he's our #1 BFF, we HAD to support him, so we dragged Maria with us to see his show. Sadly, he's just not that funny. Tomatoes were thrown. The paparazzi took this photo of us:
Timmy had never been a fan at an opening day before, so he made it a point this season to blow off his own team and join us at Yankees' Opening Day. He loved it. He ate 6 Italian sausages and then later threw up in a garbage can. He also took a billion selfies...or shall we say, "Hervies?"
He briefly joined us for an afternoon in Pittsburgh. On his off days, Timmy likes to wear short shorts. He recently purchased a package at the European Wax Center to keep his long stems silky smooth all year round.
Finally, he joined us at the Foam Fest 5K this year and had a great time getting all foamy with us. He agreed with us that there was too much running and not enough foam, but he loves his medal.
We have plans to hook up for Halloween, so hopefully those will be some epic photos for you. We plan on spending the evening getting him sloshed and trying to convince him never to grow facial hair ever again.

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  1. eat 6 Italian sausages and then throw up in a garbage can...could be his new pregame routine.