Sunday, March 11, 2012

2012 Stadium Tour Planning

With the added Wild Card round going into effect this season, we asked if the new round would be good for baseball. 4 of you actually think that yes, it will be because “it’ll give the Pirates a chance to finally make the playoffs.” We disagree with you, which doesn’t really shock us. It seems that we’re never on the same page as you. And are you kidding us right now? The Pirates have an idiot for a starting pitcher who bunted his eye out. There’s no way they’re winning anything this year. 2 of you agree that “it’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.”

Our 2012 stadium tour trips are officially booked with the exception of a few slight details. Tickets have been purchased for the May 26th Braves/Nationals game at Turner Field, July 27th Blue Jays/Tigers game at Rogers Centre, and August 31st Nationals/Cardinals game at Nationals Ballpark. Airfare has been booked for Toronto, but not Atlanta and at this time, we have no place to stay while in Toronto. Which might be awkward, but hopefully this problem is solved shortly. When we head down south to see the Braves, we’ll be staying with Lisa’s family and when we drive down to DC, we’ll be stealing Chris #1’s mustang convertible and re-enacting Aerosmith’s Crazy video. Can you guess which one of us is Liv Tyler and which one of us is Alicia Silverstone? Go on. Guess.

On the local front, Serena will be attending Yankees Opening Day courtesy of Mamadukes as part of her birthday celebration and Lisa will be attending Mets Opening Day with Bad Luck Laurie. Just like in past years, we’ll be reporting on these games separately in addition to our joint weekly blog. Lastly, while we haven’t picked which Mets game we’ll be going to (most likely with Auntiedukes as we promised her a visit to Citi Field), we’ll be attending the May 19th Yankees game against the Reds. You might be wondering why we chose the Reds game. Usually, we pick the Twins (Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer), the A’s (to make fun of certain players), or the Red Sox (when we’re in the mood to be miserable). Trust us when we say that there was a method to the madness with this one. It started off with Serena checking the promotional schedule. May 19th is Cap Day. Serena also noticed on her calendar that May 19th is Armed Forces Day. This naturally got her thinking. They’ll be sexy men in uniform at this game. Even better, the caps will probably be army-themed. She always wanted a Yankees army-camo hat. This highly intelligent way of strategizing was all she needed to convince Lisa to join her on her quest. Lisa had no idea who the opponent was. The fact that Joey Votto is the Reds’ first baseman is just a bonus for her.

Additional news about the 2012 season is that Tigers Love Pepper is back in action. You’re thrilled, we can tell. Lisa is that’s for sure. Another season of Serena sending Lisa random, panicked texts about needing her to login to Serena’s Yahoo account to update her pitching staff while she’s at work...or at Target. Another season of Serena complaining about pitchers not going deep into games and batters not putting up quality offensive stats…none of these players actually playing for the Yankees. Another season of Serena dominating entire conversations discussing a team that doesn’t actually exist…kind of like The Avengers or The Justice League. Yup. Lisa’s thrilled.

Sorry that there are no baseball notes to report on this week. There was literally nothing that we found interesting. However, what may interest you is the fact that we’ll be going to Atlantic City for two nights this week with Jess to celebrate Serena’s birthday. There’ll be suits, cigars, scotch, other assorted booze-related items, gambling, and hopefully, lots of guido fist pumping. The guido fist pumping is more for Lisa. Serena’s hoping that they find a laser tag place that’s open late so that we can play drunk and suited-up laser tag, truly channeling the great Barney Stinson. This compels us to remind you (and most importantly, us) of the few tidbits we learned during our first visit to Foxwoods because as we all know, Lisa is bound to gamble our gas money away on a Village People slot machine.

“On the road again. We can’t wait to get on the road again. The life we love is traveling to baseball stadiums with each other.

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  1. You know, I wanted to comment so much on your blog today, but I'm kinda not feeling it. Maybe its the weird weather, maybes its just the long anticipation of the season starting, or maybe its the fact that 66.6 percent of voters like the new playoff format. I kinda felt marginalized when I read that, like nothing makes sense any more.

    And then I realized . . . naaaaaaaah, its like a regular election, where the creepy guy sitting across from you on the PATH train trying to take photos of you on his phone . . . THAT guy? Or the one with the 2 inch grommets in his earlobes, and the spiderweb tattoo over half his head. THEY get to vote TOO.

    I'm gonna feel a real sense of anticipation, all week, knowing that you both will be in Emerald Cit . . . I mean Atlantic City. Soooo close, I'm getting goosebumps. Please, tell the Wizard that I am still waiting for that Right Handed Bat to play left., puleeeeezeeeee!!!