Sunday, May 26, 2013

This is all you will get and you will like it!

The TBB are apart this week. Serena is with Erin in Beantown and I am here in New York. Both of us seem to be enjoying this sh*tastic weather that Mother Nature has given us. It is clear that Mother Nature has had a nervous breakdown on the job because there is no way by the end of May that I should have to wear a sweater and jeans as well as contemplate breaking out my boots. Mother Nature get your sh*t together! The good news is that the sun seems to be coming out so not all of the weekend will be a black cloud of sorrow.  The bad news is that I was the one deciding if you guys were going to get a solo blog. No one tried to butter me up or buy me nice thing so nothing for you. You will get some baseball notes that I deem worthy and a slight rant and that’s it!!

Here lies my slight rant:
Ok so I am well aware that the Mets are going no where this year. I knew that from before the season started. I mentally prepared myself for failure so that it would not be such a great let down. I don’t want to hear excuses for fans like “Well they have no one on the team”. That’s horsesh*t! The Yankees seem to be doing fine with their gang of misfit toys . The Mets have TOWSNBN and Matt Harvey with a giggle gang backing them up. Even The Bad News Bears eventually turned things around and made it to the championship game as well as go to Japan in the sequel. I don’t like to blame the manager for these things unless of course the manger is a real a**hole and I have no problems with Terry Collins but maybe the Mets need a alcoholic Walter Matthau to lead them into battle.  I do have a simple solution. Since this year is a toilet bowl flush why they don’t just send some players down and bring up some fresh meat is beyond me.  Let’s see what we got growing on the farm. I have two players in mind Ike Davis and Lucas Duda. It pains me to watch these two clowns.  How much harm can it do if we give some other players a chance? They can’t be any worse then what we are seeing. Are you going to give me the argument that no one is going to pay money to go to the game if a bunch of no names are on the field? Guess what people no one is going to the games now. Something needs to be done and fast. Papa L is extremely angry and I have a feeling the Mets performance might be affecting his health.  I haven’t seen him this irate since the Luis Castillo dropped ball and that took him a very long time to get over. I am like a woman scorned one too many times that she starts to become numb to the sense of feeling and that is how I am getting thru this season. I will tell you one thing I learned by watching the Mets is that the Mets are like snowflakes no Met loss is ever alike.

Baseball notes:
Good news for Serena’s Big Texan! He will be eligible to come off the disabled list on June 1st. He was initially put on the DL for a strained left trapezius muscle. Pettitte will pitch a simulated game on Tuesday and then head back into the Yankees rotation. Yippee Yay for Serena! In other Yankee news Curtis Granderson a broken fifth metacarpal on his left hand after being hit by a pitch in the fifth inning Friday night against the Tampa Bay Rays. He was put on the 15 day disabled list Saturday and most likely will miss a month.

In Mets news they lost again.

To all the men and women who served  our country and to the ones who continue to serve us we thank you and wish you a Happy Memorial day !!!


  1. The Mets have been inspired by your rant. Keep up the good work!

    Talk about no losses being alike, my college baseball team lost in the conference semifinals on Saturday against our biggest rival in 18 innings. Our superstar pitcher pitched a 1 hitter for 10 of those innings and had 14 strikeouts. I'm hoping he ends up on the Mets to balance out Tar Heel Matt Harvey. lol. (Carlos Rondon, lefty, throws in the 90s. The Mets suck again next year and we have a shot at him!) We had the bases loaded in the 17th and a kid swung at a pitch that was ball 4 and would have walked in the winning run. In the 18th, we had a leadoff double, advanced to 3rd on a wild pitch and he never got any further. Game lasted 6 channel showed the same 3 ads pretty much in between every inning.


    1. I hope they are so inspired that they send Ike Davis and Lucas Duda or as my Pops would say Lucas Ducas aka The Dud far far away maybe to another galaxy. One or two games with hits is not going to change my mind about those two.
      I hope they were entertaining commericals at least. LOL

  2. I think Ike Davis is batting with the wrong hand and is actually a right handed batter...likes the challenge of hitting left handed.

    AT&T commercial..what's the biggest number you can think of with the little kids. I laughed the first 8 times one of them says 10. Infinity x Infinity (mind blown!).

    I forget the other ones. I went to one of the DC airports a little after 4AM to catch a plane to Charlotte and the baseball game ended about 2AM.