Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dazed and Uninspired

Well friends we knew this day would come it was just a matter of time. It seems that the TBB have hit a block in the road and what we mean is we don’t know what to blog about. It’s just that we are so uninspired lately with what’s going on in the baseball world. This years World Series match up really took a toll on us. Don’t get us wrong we could sit here and type up amazing stories about how hilarious we are and the epic things we have done, but they would all be unrelated to baseball and would that be fair to you our fans who look to us for our wise intel on baseball. No it wouldn't it probably would just make you mad and jealous that you can’t hang out with us.  

We will give you an example of just how unmotivated we are. Last night with full intentions to blog we did the following:

  • Got beer
  • Hit up the dollar menu at McDonalds
  • Laughed at some people on Facebook.
  • Drank the beer while watching Iron Man 3
  • It is after Iron Man 3 that Serena closed her laptop down realizing we were not going to blog.
  • Watched the cat be an a-hole
  • Thought we heard an intruder washing the dishes.
  • Watched this week’s episode of The League while drinking more beer.
  • Lisa went home.
 Now we know everyone can relate to holding things off for Robert Downey Jr and his oozing hotness in Iron Man 3. That is a legit distraction but the rest is just unacceptable and we apologize. This brings us to today. Serena is busy training to be Master Yogi Jedi and Lisa is busy baking treats in her kitchen to pay the rent but has time to give you this quick solo blog. With this is all happening we are still unable to come up with a baseball related topic that would consist of more then one sentence and seem interesting enough to hold not only your attention but ours enough to write it. Perhaps you guys could help us. Is there a topic that we have yet to cover that you’d like to know our asinine opinion on? Maybe you want us to write a letter to your favorite baseball player concerning an issue that’s bothering you? A Best and Worst list of (insert topic)? We will take any suggestion to get our writers block going. So feel free to comment on what topic you would like us to cover and if we like it enough it will be next week’s blog post .Then you can brag to all your friends that your idea was a topic on this amazing blog. Just think of how many facebook likes you will get on that status.

We do have some baseball related news so all is not lost. The New York Mets on Friday have officially declined Johan Santana’s option on his contract. This made Lisa very sad but Serena tried to make Lisa feel better and clarified that it was a good business decision on the Mets part. It still hurts. Lisa’s Santana jersey will hang lonely in her closet until she can find an acceptable Met that deems worthy of being displayed on her back. Also being declined like a friend request from a Facebook stalker is Barry Zito. The Giants have declined the 2014 contract options on him this week. Both pitchers had their ups and downs with their teams but they always remained ever classy and we wish them the best of luck on all future endeavors.

The Yankees have re-signed the Captain golden boy Derek Jeter for one year at $12 million. Like no one saw that coming. As you all know Derek is Lisa’s friend in her head so she was happy for him. Serena rolled her eyes.

Yours truly,


  1. "...acceptable Met that deems worthy of being displayed on her back..." well, we all know which one would put her on her back...amirite?!! lol

    all that Taco Bell has caused some damage upstairs.

    Time Traveling Baseball Babes! hmm hop in the TBB Mystery Machine and visit different baseball games/venues from the past.

    1. Taco Bell say it ain't so. We thought Taco Bell was brain power food
      So you want us to tell stories of baseball past ehhhh?

  2. First of all, I don't think you girls owe us anything. After the baseball season I go through a little phase and need to de-frag a bit, too, so no worries. As your loyal followers, we already know that your awesome, so you don't need to go all 'Romy and Michelle' and tell us you invented post-its. As for what I'd like to read from you two, the only thing I can think of is maybe a bucket list of baseball parks/events that you've always wanted to attend. Enjoy Thor 2 this weekend.-Michael David

    1. Thanks Michael that's why we adore you so. You get us! We had to paste your comment today blogger was being it's usual ahole self :)